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MANY THANKS to Nichx of for these amazing drawings. I have been a huge fan for years and am happy to have corresponded by email. He is a giant among men in terms of female combat and catfighting and almost no other artist has his resume regarding superheroine fights.

Latin Pit Fight

Latin Pit Fight is by Dale Carodiskey. Thanks again to Dale for allowing us to feature his work here. I encourage everyone to visit the links below and give Dale thanks for his great work.

Female Cagefight Artwork

Ryuji Yamazaki is a Czech artist who shows his work on Deviant Art. Deviant Art is one of the coolest sites I know and really recommend it. Ryuji draws some very cool fights between very hot women. This is a cage fight between Chrissy and Martina. This is a punishing fight that goes back and […]