Goldie Blair Punishes Her Opponents

Thanks to DT Wrestling for these great Goldie Blair videos.  Goldie (breasts) is (breasts) one of the (breasts) hottest women (breasts) (breasts) (breasts) in wrestling videos today.  Please check out these and other great matches at DT Wrestling here.


Christina Carter and Goldie Blair strip off their robes to reveal their incredible topless bodies at the start of this match. With their hands behind their backs, these bosomy babes smash their pumpkin-sized breasts into each other repeatedly. Christina uses her fists to pound the cornered Brit’s mammaries and bashes Goldie’s face with her own bodacious boobs. Goldie retaliates with mighty body blows, but this bruising brawl is just starting as tender bellies and tits are battered, clawed and stomped to an epic breast smother conclusion.

Tribal queen Goldie Blair finds her right to rule challenged by ambitious usurper Lisa Comshaw. Both girls are dressed only in bikini bottoms, leaving their voluptuous bodies open to any form of abuse that this battle may bring. Goldie displays her warrior queen status by punching Lisa in the face at the very start of the contest. The challenger is not to be cowed so easily as she and Goldie twine their fingers together in a test of strength. When Lisa loses that contest, she demands another chance—only to lose again and become trapped in Goldie’s bearhugs—one frontal and one reverse. Lisa fares little better in two arm wrestling challenges and it appears that this tribal hopeful does not have what it takes to lead a tribe. When the tournament reaches its catfight stage, Goldie takes it to the extreme to snuff out any hope of glory the infidel Lisa may have ever harbored. Lisa’s breast are clawed, her crotch abused, her body crushed and her spirit finally broken. (NOTE: While not a nude match, this video does contain sequences where Lisa’s thong is yanked between her legs, revealing her pubic area.)

Miko vows to win her upcoming topless boxing match against Goldie Blair as she trains with her sparring partner Akira Lane. As the Asian twosome practice, Goldie enters the ring, thinking she’s going to have to take on both Miko and Akira. When Akira explains that she’s not there to fight Goldie, the bombastic Brit calls the Japanese girl a coward. Goldie is more than willing to prove herself capable of taking down both opponents, one after the other. She vows to then tie them both to the ring post and use them as punching bags. Akira is the first to face Goldie and the British buzz saw makes good her boast as Akira is completely overwhelmed. A cowering Miko tries to get away, but is shamed into confronting Goldie, who proceeds to demolish the petite pugilist with equal savagery. With both Japanese girls beaten, Goldie follows up on her threat and ties each of them to the ring posts— pathetically easy targets for some blistering body destruction.

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