Daffney v Taylor Wilde- thumb tack match

The TNA women’s division is kickass. This is a tv taping of a thumbtack match that followed a pay per view thumb tack match. If you can, go to TNA wrestling and watch the whole match. If not, enjoy these clips and pics of Daffney and Taylor Wilde.

Daffney is one of the most entertaining, athletic and talented performers in female wrestling. She has a great sense of character, is very dramatic and is a kick-ass female wrestler. Taylor Wilde is a great foil for her with a good girl vs bad girl dynamic very strong. I can’t give Daffney enough credit for taking those tacks twice…




Daffney’s official site

The end of a very good thumbtack match. Ouch.

Daffney being crazy

and more crazy

Here’s some Taylor Wilde photos and some photos of Daffney sprawled out on thumbtacks…

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