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3 Female Wrestling Downloads from Ring Divas

featuring hot ring wrestling and crotch shots

Ring Wrestling
Ring Wrestling

Ring Divas is an extremely high quality producer and distributor of women’s wrestling and catfighting action.   Check out their site or some great matches including hot women and some dirty low blows!

DOWNLOAD - CJ Starr vs. Amy Love (Aftermath 2007)

DOWNLOAD – CJ Starr vs. Amy Love (Aftermath 2007)

Newcomer CJ Starr goes one on one with the newly crowned RingDivas Champion Amy Love!!! Don’t miss the fall out after the biggest event in RingDivas.com history!!!

Finish – Front Guillotine Submission
Length – 17:30

Battle Angels Presents… AFTERMATH 2007!!! Monthly Pay Per Download events featuring Battle Angels and FightGirl Superstars!!!

Moves: Low Blow, Choke, Rope Choke, Camel Clutch, Crotch Shot, Boston Crab, Leg Drop, Head Scissors, Shoulder Tackle, Leg Choke, Knife Edge Chop, Foot Stomp, Bear Hug, Shattered Dreams, Gucci Gullotine (Front Gullotine Submission) Finish, Victory Pose.


DOWNLOAD - Complete Destruction of SoCal Val Vol.1 (/w Tiana)
DOWNLOAD – Complete Destruction of SoCal Val Vol.1 (/w Tiana)

Tiana Ringer vs. SoCal Valerie

Features: For the first time EVER only to be seen in a fantasy dream match, Battle Angels Superstar and fan favorite Bad Girl Tiana Ringer completely and utterly DESTROYS SleeperGirls Star SoCal Val!!! You have to see this to even believe how badly SoCal Val is man handled in this matchup!!! Watch TNA Superstar SoCal Val as she GETS SQUASHED!!!

Format: Download – Length: 40 minutes!!!

Moves: Multiple Extreme Low Blows, Sleeperhold, Snapmare, Foot Choke, Shoulder tackle, Illegal foreign object choke, Pins, foot stomp, turnbuckle face slam, standing foot on throat choke, crotch shot, Victory Pose, Backbreaker, Spanking, Camel Clutch, Boston Crab, Sharp Shooter, Belly Tourture, Front Face Lock, Knife Edge Chop, Rear Chin Lock, SchoolGirl Pin, Head Lock, STF Submission, Face Rake, Eye Rake, Humiliation Slap, Canvas Face Buster, Turnbuckle Gut Kicks, Multiple Shattered Dreams, Body Scissors, Full Nelson, Bear Hug KO Finish.

Multiple Pin Attempts, Tiana Returns afer SoCal is KO’ed and chokes , kicks and punches her while she is down on the mat!!!

DOWNLOAD - Low Blows Vol.3 (Angelina vs. Amy Love)
DOWNLOAD – Low Blows Vol.3 (Angelina vs. Amy Love

Angelina vs. Amy Love

Features: Some of the best quality low blows that you will EVER find on the net. This video features the multiple Extreme Low Blows that you have been looking for. SuperModel Amy Love completely DESTROYS The Latin Sensation Angelina!!!

Format: Download
Length: 30 minutes!!!

Moves: Uppercut Low Blow, Multiple False Pin, Head Scissors, Camel Clutch, Leg Drop Low Blow, Crotch Shot, Shoulder Tackle, Wish Bone Stretch, Gut Stomp, Rope Choke, Bear Hug, Hair Pull, Boston Crab, Humiliation, Back Claw, Elbow Drop, Gucci Guiotine, Victory Pose, Foot Choke, Eye Rake, Seated Full Nelson & Body Scissors Combo, Extreme Full Nelson, Four Corners Shattered Dreams Finish.


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