Nicole Oring V Kharma

Here is a great sample of WAW Wrestling in action.  Kharma, aka Jennifer Thomas, takes on Nicole Oring in this hard hitting match.  Thanks to Viper at W.A.W. Female Wrestling for the pics and clip.  Fans of in-ring action will be delighted by this match.  Kharma is in amazing condition and Nicole is one of the hottest women making female wrestling videos today.  Check it out!


Here is the match description:

Nicole Oring returns to W.A.W. and she has a few words for the Gent. She is unhappy with the way he reffed her match with Kristiana, but her fued with the Gent will have to wait. Viper has other plans for the firey asian bombshell. He feels she needs an attitude ajustment, and who better to drive that message home than new W.A.W. wrestler Kharma. Kharma comes to W.A.W. to work her way up the roster, in hopes of not only rising to the top but to prove that she can be the best of the best. Her goal, to set one of the highest undefeated streaks in W.A.W. history. Will Nicole Oring be her first victory?

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