Paris Kennedy Fights Akira, Santana and Nicole

Thanks to DT Wrestling for these amazing videos and photos.  Thanks to Paris Kennedy, Santana, Nicole Oring and Akira Lane for their amazing bodies and for their catfight work!



Time/Size: 22 min/468 MB
Paris Kennedy arrives in the ring late, and Santana is not happy at all about it. Paris had come to get some lessons in tit fighting—and the ticked off Santana promises to give the tardy tyro a hard lesson she won’t ever forget—especially after Paris questions Santana’s ability to teach her. Stripping down to their shorts, the master class commences with mutual tit grabs. Magnificent mammaries are repeatedly subjected to painful clutches and the pain is evident in the ladies’ faces, despite all attempts at concealment. Paris gives as good as she gets as nipples harden with every abuse and buxom bodies squash each other in chest-to-chest bearhugs. However, as Paris starts to tire, the tide of battle turns inexorably against her and Santana, sensing her prey’s weakness, really pours on the pain with waist scissors, figure-four headlocks, facesits and, of course, copious amounts of breast punishment.

AKIRA VS PARIS – Nipple Nipped

Time/Size: 24 min/478 MB
Akira Lane and Paris Kennedy look absolutely adorable in their pink bikini bottoms and white sneakers as they prepare for their anything-goes ring catfight—last woman standing wins. Each giddy gamine bounces into the ring, seemingly ready to have fun. When they grab for each other’s bare breasts, the giggles soon give way to grunts and groans. Crushing each other in a chest-to-chest bearhug forces both babes to own up to the fact that this is friendly contest is going to get serious. A test of strength mutates into a crashing of chest against chest. Akira then really starts punishing Paris’ big tits, mauling her tattooed opponent’s nipples viciously. Escaping from a breast smother, Paris starts doling some payback on Akira, and soon both lethal lovelies try to soothe the sting of their respective mauled mammaries. The breast assaults continue again, with bodacious boobs crushed against the ring ropes, clawed, used as battering rams, punching bags and chew toys. A neck scissors, coupled with even more nipple torture, finally brings an end to one pretty lady’s struggles for the day.



Time/Size: 20 min/416 MB
Having just split with her boyfriend, Paris Kennedy needs to take out her rage on somebody and challenges Nicole Oring to a ring match, with the victory, and Paris’ championship belt, going to the first fighter to score three knockouts. Nicole was set to go out for the evening and needs to remove her party dress, before the Asian girl can get totally ready, Paris storms in and utterly devastates Nicole with knees, stomps and kicks. It’s the first knockout of the match, and only the beginning of what promises to be a real KO fest. Paris wakes Nicole up with a punch to the jaw and tries to capitalize on her advantage in the early seconds of round two. However, Nicole finally gets her head together and dishes out some real payback on her busty enemy. When Paris goes out, the score is tied and the final outcome still a long way from being determined. Bare-knuckle fist fighting is coupled with kick-boxing during the third round, which ends when one game gamine is punched and kicked into la-la land. And so it goes, until one bruised and bloodied battler can rise no more.

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